Welcome to Reaching Kids International

Reaching Kids International is a group of individuals – pastors, missionaries,  and supporters – who have found common ground.  That common ground is our faith in God and our desire to work with the african-children-blue-renderedchildren of the world regardless of where they live.

We believe He has given us a mandate to reach the children of the world in practical ways.   Educators, pastors and other leaders in several third world countries solicited our help for their children, their most vulnerable population.  They know their children are their future, and they look to Reaching Kids International to help with education, supplies, clothing, food and a comforting presence.

Reaching Kids International is known for problem solving.  Our missionaries in the field identify needs and gather individuals around them, including Americans, who can meet the needs.  For instance, we are responding to the call to put education within reach of children all over the world.  We do this by covering school fees, supplies and providing a sense of stability for children around the world.  Pastor Kerychuk is raising up simple trades such as weaving by supplying looms to women anxious to create a trade, and being a pass through organization for precious seeds to provide a harvest of food for impoverished villages.

Won’t you join us as we provide practical answers to these children’s prayers?