About Us

Rev. Mike Kerychuk, Founder and Executive Director

Rev. Mike Kerychuk, Founder and Executive Director

Reaching Kids International began in 1994 when Pastor Mike Kerychuk started ministering in various nations around the world.  During that time he became aware of the great need to provide education for children in poverty-stricken countries. A few years later the first African student was sponsored for school fees. Since that time many other children have been given the gift of an education, and the number is growing.  Pastor Mike lives in Thailand most of the year. He travels to Canada, the US, Cambodia, India and other countries raising awareness of children wherever he goes.

Our team is made up of  support staff in the US, our missionaries and our contacts in other countries, all working in the front lines, carrying out the mission of Reaching Kids International.

Our supporters are people from  all walks of life.  They live in countries around the world.  They are busy professionals,retirees, stay-at-home moms, blue collar and white collar workers, grandmas and grandpas, teens and school classes excited about making a difference in a child’s life.   They may be struggling during these tough economic times, but they are generously giving small and large amounts to Reaching Kids International.  Some churches donate directly to Reaching Kids International as their missions outreach.

Now we offer the ability to donate using a major credit/debit card or a PayPal card on our Donate page.

Reaching Kids International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that will provide you with a giving statement for tax purposes in January of each year. Contact us for more information.