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Sponsor with Two Young Students

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“Before I went to school, I had no hope. I could see only darkness in my future. Now that I am in school, I have hope. My face smiles. My eyes see light in my future.”-Ibra

“I prayed every night that God would let me go to school and learn many things. I prayed and cried because I didn’t think I would see school in my life. Then someone said they would pay my school fees. I pray for that person every day. They can’t know how much my life is better now. Only I know. And God knows too.” – Christine

When we look into the eyes of children in Africa, we see the potential to radically impact an entire nation. Through education we can save a generation from the clutches of the enemy of poverty which will steal their hope, kill their dreams, and ultimately destroy their lives. You can join with us to make the dream of education a reality for a child. There are several ways to sponsor students:

  • A one-time donation of any amount is always welcome. No amount is too small. Smaller one-time donations are combined with other donations and used to provide school fees for children identified by our local contacts as being in desperate need.
  • Technical School Cooking Class

    Larger gifts have been used in our College Fund to enable students to attend the teacher’s college or one of the other technical or trade schools that prepare young people to become self-supporting members of society.

  • Donating $200 per year will send one child to school for an entire year (January through December) and will provide school fees, additional fees for mandatory school uniforms, books, paper, pencils and other supplies. With an additional $50, we can also purchase shoes and necessary clothing, including an additional school uniform,  throughout the year.
  • Donating $700 a year will enable a high school student to be boarded on the school premises where he/she will receive all meals, room and board, mattress, toiletries and also tutoring in the evenings. This assures them of a safe, secure home for the school year, and eliminates the need to walk long distances in the African darkness to and from school.

Outside School Looking In, Hoping for a Chance to be Sponsored and Attend School

One of our students was able to complete college and returned to her village to establish a Community Agriculture Program. She taught the women of each village in the area to grow one crop – peanuts, or potatoes or rice. At harvest time, these women were able to share their crops between villages and assure that the children would have food for the coming year.

One student was also able to return to her area and start an Early Childhood Development program, teaching children and parents about nutrition, hygiene and other topics that improve lives in the villages.

Another student completed nursing school and is now working in a clinic high in the mountains. Yet another student completed accounting school, one completed catering school, and several have completed business school. A few have completed teachers college. Some have started their own businesses. Sponsoring these individuals has changed the future of the area in incredibly positive ways.

Typical Elementary Level Classroom